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them pirates

Watched The Sentinel. The movie sucks, like I expected, but Kiefer... ♥ ♥ ♥ I love this man.

And I also watched Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man' Chest with my sis yesterday. That was... okay. The movie is fun enough - nothing spectacular, but not really a snooze-fest either. That Captain Jack Sparrow is the absolute highlight of it goes without saying (but I'm saying it just in case anyway :P). And I ♥ Bill Nighy. The man has an octopuss stuck to his face and still he pulls off all sorts of expressions just with his eyes (and what's left of his mouth). And he's funny. :D

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So yeah, the film is funny, and definitely worth seeing for Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones. But as it goes for almost every sequel out there - the first part was better. Much better.

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I wonder...

What the fuck do they put in Whiskas Junior dry food?
My two cats are just about the most spoiled cats there are, and they don't eat any kind of dry food for longer than a month. If you get the same kind and flavour twice in a row, they won't eat it. Except Whiskas Junior, which they've been gulping down daily since Blixa was a cub. Which was two years ago. So I'm really starting to wonder...

get weir'd

Me: Hey everyone, remember that "Get Weir'd" clip I posted a link to the other day?

Mirk: Yes, but I don't care.

Everyone but Mirk: Nooo, because we couldn't be arsed to check it.

Me: >_>

Anywho, this girl is taking this whole campaign business very seriously:



Me wants loads of buttons and the black T-shirt. ^_^


Germany lost. They lost! 119th minute, Italy scores, 121st minute, Italy scores again. Italy goes to finals. :( :( :(

I think I better make myself a depressed footie usericon... >_>



One more hour 'till footie time! *is obsessed hyper*

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fifa monopoly

So M bought the FIFA 2006 World Cup Special Edition Monopoly. And today she came over for lunch and brought it with her. She, my sis, and I played it for almost 7 hours straight. XD We played three games, each 'till two of us went bankrupt, and each of us won once in the end. Heh. We're such geeks. But it was so much fun. :D

And in footie "news" - I know I'm behind, but I couldn't post yesterday - Portugal beat England and France beat Brazil WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! :D :D :D

I missed the England-Portugal match, but I watched France-Brazil. Now, I have nothing against Brazil, but they deserved to lose. I mean - WTF was that? It was like the entire team got brainwashed the previous day and couldn't quite remember how to play football. Hm, so what were the French doing the previous day? *raises eyebrow suspiciously* :P



The Spidey 3 teaser is AWESOME!!


I can't wait a YEAR for that!! :|




Eat THAT, stupid Argentina!

*does victory dance*

Though I kind of felt bad for Argentina in the end. I always feel bad for any team that loses via penalty shots. It's just not fair...

jerneja, did you notice that enajstmetrovke were called PENALTY SHOOT OUT (heh, kind of gives me a different association, but nevermind)? So that answers your question - they're called penalty shots either way.


pimp my johnny ^_^

goddamn it!

Fucking stupid-ass referees! Did anyone watch the Italy-Australia match? In the 94th minute (the last minute of the game), the score was still 0:0 and Italy had the ball. One of the Aussies fell, the Italian who had the ball charged towards him, TRIPPED OVER HIM, and fell. Now in a FAIR match, he would get a yellow card for not jumping over the player on the ground (or stopping, or avoiding him, or whatever). But in this match? A FUCKING PENALTY SHOT FOR ITALY!! So they scored, of course, and won the match. I wasn't even rooting for Australia (Because they beat Croatia. Bastards. >_>), but this was just completely unfair and it really pissed me off. Goddamn referees and their power to help along whichever team they bloody well choose!!