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♥ ♥ ♥

I ♥ Tori Amos so much. She is a goddess.

The concert was brilliant, absolutely fantastic. And long too, she played for almost two and a half hours. And she wore this groovy glittering disco jumpsuit of sorts. I love.

Sis and I got there 10 past six because I insisted we get there early to get good seats. When we got there, the door wasn't open yet, we could hear the sound check, and there were about 25 people hanging around at the door. Doors opened at seven thirthy (Half an hour before the concert, WTF people?) and we got seats in the fith row. Well, the fourth when we got in, but the first one was reserved for very important people who came in after the support act. I think it was fans that won some draw or something and got to meet Tori before the concert.

Oh, and the support act, Joshua Radin, was cool to. Very nice.

In other news - the exam went quite alright yesterday. I really hope I pass. I might as well quit English altogether if I don't, cause if I flunked this after two weeks of studying, I'm NEVER passing Syntax. >_>

In more other news - I finally watched Spiderman yesterday. Sandman and Venom were way cool. Other than that: *barf*. Thanks for the warning, kalamitykat. If I hadn't known what to expect, I'd probably kill a few people after the sappy snoozfest was finally over. WTF, people? WHO came up with this script?

Also, I wanna go see The Fantastic Four, damnit. The Silver Surfer looks SO cool. Maybe I'll just go alone, since no one I know in this entire town would go with me. >_>


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Jun. 28th, 2007 04:43 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you loved the concert. ♥

Good luck on the exam. I PASSED MINE. OMG I AM STILL HIGH AND I DON'T THINK IT QUITE SUNK IN YET. *___________________*

XDDD Sandman and Venom were the only two that saved that movie, IMO. And not even those two could save it because... Well, you've seen it now, you know what I mean. >_> But they were the only good thing about this movie. I loved Venom especially because I'm a biased bitch.;Dv Other than that, the movie sucked so bad. -_-

I wanna go see F4. *______* Just because of the Silver Surfer and the F4, but I already know the movie is going to suck. >_> It's not like the first one was Oscar material either. ^^;;
Jul. 2nd, 2007 12:24 pm (UTC)
Hah. That's okay, I loved Sandman especially because I am a biased bitch. XD I ♥ Thomas.

And yeah, it did. When the singing-act-turned-bar-fight sequence started, I just got up and went to the bathroom, though I didn't really have to go. I just didn't wanna see that. XD

And amen to what you said abut F4. ^_^ (I didn't watch part one because I knew it would suck. And then they go and stick the Silver Surfer in. Damn my luck.)
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